Staying Connected In New York City
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July 2, 2017

Going out with friends at night out means you have to look your best. And it’s not possible without a specified dress code. Well, that’s not a big thing to worry about. Some of the best clubs in The New York City like The Katra Lounge and The Taj Lounge has specified their dress codes, so that you don’t have to worry about what dress to wear.

Along with other fantastic services, Katra Lounge has specified its dress code. And Katra NYC dress code includes any apparel that is stylish, sexy, trendy and tasteful. Katra NYC dress code mentions that the ladies must wear high heels and that the boys are not allowed to wear any baggy attire. What to wear is a big question when you’re planning a night out with your friends. So the specified dress code of the Katra Lounge makes it better. It’s good if the ladies wear blouses with skinny jeans or dresses with some elegant heels. Katra NYC dress code likes it if the boys wear button downs or collar shirts with jeans and don’t add light colored sneakers in their final look for the party. As you step in Katra Lounge, your dress should be trendy but neat. The lounge recommends that you adhere to the Katra NYC dress code.

Like many other clubs in the New York City, Taj Lounge also has its dress code. Taj NYC dress code makes it easier for you to dress up for whatever event you’re about to attend and makes you feel like the beauty of the party. Taj NYC Nightclub is very cozy with a fabulousness vibe. It is an exclusive place to celebrate a friend’s birthday or bachelor’s party, a corporate event or graduation celebration, going away or reunion party. Taj NYC dress code recommends a dress to impress. A complete dress code includes footwear as well, and the lounge wants people to step in with shoes or heels and not boots. Funky accessories like hats are not allowed in the Taj boundary. Why not wear something that is upscale and sexy. Taj NYC dress code is something that makes you feel like a cool chic.

So stop worrying about your perfect look for friends get together. Just follow the dress code specified by these clubs and enjoy the best partying and clubbing services.